FreeCash Review – Is This The Best GPT Site In 2022?

In my FreeCash review, we will uncover every way you can earn money on this GPT site. Not only is it one of the highest-paying GPT sites in the industry, but the insane bonuses and contests going on all the time make it a convincing place to hang out and earn money.

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What is FreeCash?

FreeCash is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) website that pays you for completing tasks. It’s a way to earn real cash and other rewards for your time without requiring any upfront experience.

How Does FreeCash Work?

Complete tasks on the site and earn coins. Exchange these coins for real cash and other rewards.

Who Can Join FreeCash?

Anyone can join FreeCash.

Is FreeCash Free?

Yes, FreeCash is free and will not charge you to use their website. They pay you for every successfully completed task.

What Are Others Saying About FreeCash?

There are a lot of positive reviews about FreeCash on Trustpilot.

Can You Get Support From FreeCash?

Yes, you can receive support from FreeCash directly from the chat by clicking on the support tab.

How To Earn Coins On FreeCash

Earning coins on FreeCash is easy! Find a task of your choosing, and for every successful completion, you will get rewarded with coins. Now, let’s talk about all of the ways you can make money on FreeCash.

FreeCash Rewards

FreeCash Rewards is simply a page that displays statistics and more ways to earn coins. You can find FreeCash Rewards by clicking the “Rewards” button.

Daily Bonus Ladder

Collect a 100 coins bonus every day safely or take a chance and try to double it up with a 50% chance and win even more. Find the daily bonus ladder by clicking on the “Rewards” button.

Featured Offers

These are simply the most completed offers by people in your country recently.

Offer Walls

Offer Walls are just simple walls of offers from different providers that contain hundreds of tasks to do.


Get paid to share your opinion with market research companies. It’s easy to do, and almost everyone can find a survey to do. All you need to do is fill out a survey profile for each panel and keep trying until you find a good match.

FreeCash Promo Code

A FreeCash promo code is something you would input from a YouTuber or someone who promotes FreeCash. Using their promo code will grant you a 100 coins bonus. Promo codes should not be confused with bonus codes that can get found on their social media pages as they become available.

FreeCash Bonus Codes

FreeCash bonus codes will grant you a specific number of coins depending on the promo. You can find these bonus codes on their social media pages like Twitter, Facebook, etc. You’ll notice they get posted periodically, so keep an eye out for them!

Affiliates / Referrals

Refer other people to FreeCash and gift them a free case. You will earn 5% of everything they make for life.

FreeCash Leaderboard

Compete with other users in the leaderboard contest and earn the most to win the prize shown for your placement!

How Much Are Coins Worth?

Every coin is worth $0.001, so that would make every “10” coins $0.01, and every 100 coins $0.10, and so on. I created a conversion table to break it down even further as it’s more visually pleasing.

  • 1 coin = $0.001 
  • 5 coins = $0.005 
  • 10 coins = $0.01 
  • 50 coins = $0.05 
  • 100 coins = $0.10 
  • 150 coins = $0.15 
  • 200 coins = $0.20 
  • 250 coins = $0.25 
  • 500 coins = $0.50 
  • 1,000 coins = $1.00 
  • 5,000 coins = $5.00 
  • 10,000 coins = $10.00 
  • 25,000 coins = $25.00 
  • 50,000 coins = $50.00 
  • 100,000 coins = $100.00 

How Much Money Can You Make With FreeCash?

Depending on your location, users can make anywhere from $1.00 – $20.00 per day or more, but that is just the average. Again, it depends on what country you live in to determine how much you can make on FreeCash.

How To Redeem Your Coins On FreeCash

Redeeming your coins on FreeCash is a breeze. Head over to the cashout tab found at the top of the website or the bottom if you’re on the FreeCash mobile app.

Is FreeCash Legit In 2022?

Yes! FreeCash is the most legit GPT site out there and continues to outgrow the competition with its competitive offer rates, promos, etc. In other words, they hand out the most cash I have ever seen on any GPT site.

FreeCash Payment Proof

As you can see from my payment proof attached, they do pay and will continue to pay for as long as the GPT site business model stays intact, but I can assure you that I do not see anything changing anytime soon, especially when coming from FreeCash.

FreeCash Review Final Thoughts

As you can see from my FreeCash review, I have nothing but positive thoughts about FreeCash, because quite frankly, FreeCash is one of my favorite GPT sites I have ever used to earn money online.

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